Paper documents and hardcopy records can quickly pile up and overload any office or practice. Storing them involves taking up valuable office space or renting a storage room. Keeping them protected, organized, available and easy to find is the greatest challenge of all. We can answer all these challenges, save you money and do it with a smile. Our document and records storage facilities are safe, clean and secure. Your needs change, so we are flexible; you only pay for the space you need. Access to your files is quick and easy and the files you need are on your desk the next day.

Our fleet of vans and uniformed drivers deliver the boxes or files you need and pick them up to return them to their proper spot until they�re needed again. Our online records software makes it easy for you to request a file, delivery, pick-up or even order supplies, saving you time.


  • Save money - over self storage rooms or expensive office space
  • Stay organized - all files are logged in and out, so nothing is misplaced
  • Save time - our user-friendly (HIPAA, Hi Tech compliant) software provides you access to your information 24/7.

Organizing and Indexing

Often the hardest part is getting started. Our indexing service will manage each file within a box, so when you need a file, we can access file within minutes. Our experienced personnel manages this process so your staff can focus on their work.


Turning your paper records and files into electronic documents has many advantages. The physical storage space required to store the information is a crucial difference, but is only the start of it. Once scanned, your records can be quickly searched via computer and transferred over email, fax or ftp. Duplicate sets and back-ups of your scanned records are easy to make, protecting you from loss. All of this saves you time and money.

Our imaging and scanning service can turn all your paper records into electronic files. With optical character recognition (OCR) your scans are converted into text for searching or editing. Our secure facilities and professional records and data staff ensure your information is secure and protected. Contact Secure Record Storage today about how we can help you convert your information.


As important as protecting your records, safely and securely disposing of them when they have reached the end of their useful life is equally important. Secure shredding per mandated retention schedules for records keeps you secure and in compliance. You also save money by not storing out-of-date records.

Our shredding and document destruction service assures you that your out-of-date records will be removed and securely destroyed so the information cannot be misused and you are protected from liability. To make it even easier, you can set the destruction dates for your files when you store them. We will automatically pull the records, send you a list of out-of-date files for your approval and after your approval, have them shredded.


We can pick-up documents or provide a vendor for on-site destruction. When our clients records that are stored at Secure Record Storage reach there (legal life) expiration date, we provide our customer with a list of these records so our clients can authorize destruction. Once records are destroyed, we provide a "Naid Certificate of Destruction" for each client.


Secure file destruction helps to keep you in compliance with records storage laws and standards. Our shredding service is certified by The National Association for Information Destruction's (NAID), the highest standard in destruction and security practices. By working with a NAID certified facility you know you are getting the security you need and establishing due diligence required to comply with HIPAA, the GLB Act, FACTA and other regulations. To learn more about NAID, or the certification process, you can visit them at


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