Imagine losing every bit of your company's vital data today. What would you do? If your business's critical data is lost, does your business still exist? The problem with natural disasters, disgruntled employees, hackers and human error is that they never have the courtesy to forewarn you of the devastation they're about to create. But when you protect your information with Secure Record Storage, these potential problems are rendered harmless.

Secure Record Storage security protocol is redundant and repetitive. At Secure Record Storage, our impeccable service record speaks for itself. We operate using state-of-the-art equipment and technology throughout every aspect of every data protection service we provide.

  • Backup Media and tape Rotation
  • Archival Media and Tape Storage
  • Contingency and continuity planning
  • Electronic Data Vaulting
  • IT Asset Management

With security and operational features that include full fire protection, climate and humidity controlled storage and transportation environments, access security, state-of-the-art tracking software, Secure Record Storage offers your business the most advanced data protection capabilities in the industry.

Relationships are all about trust. At Secure Record Storage, we build trust through developing good, old-fashioned, personal relationships with our clients. We back that trust with meticulous security precautions, constant facility audits, secure web account access and 24/7 personalized account service.

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Electronic systems hold vital information for all aspects of many businesses and practices. This data is mission critical and must be backed-up regularly, stored and rotated. Keeping the back-ups in the same location as the source data defeats the purpose in many ways. You need a safe, secure location to protect it from loss.

We can help you manage and protect your information. Our facilities are ideally equipped for your digital media, having temperature and humidity control, and secure access by authorized personnel only. Rotation of your media is simplified with our vans picking-up and delivering the appropriate discs or tapes on your back-up schedule. If required, this service can be done in unmarked vans and plain uniform drivers for added security. All tapes are transported and stored in individual fire-safe, lock boxes to keep your data safe and secure in transit as well.


  • Special media storage keep your back-ups protected
  • Secure from corporate vandalism or espionage

If your back-up plan is not disaster ready, our business continuity consultants can help you set up a plan so you're ready to come back from a loss.


Rotating your data back-up tapes is an essential part of your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan. A cold site, or off-site facility assures protection of your back-ups from a localized event.

Our tape rotation service provides all the services you need. Our uniformed, professional personnel will pick-up and deliver your tapes on your schedule - daily, weekly, however your back-up plan is structured. They'll provide secure transportation of your tapes to our facility where they will be logged and entered in our media vaults. If extra security and discretion is required, we can provide unmarked uniform personnel and vehicles.

We have been providing transportation of valuable goods for over 80 years and are ready to help with your needs.

Lock Boxes
Our lock boxes keep your tapes safe and secure while in transport and keep your tapes organized and protected in our vaults



For backs-ups of systems and data, electronic storage offers a simple and effective way to back-up your data offsite. All the benefits of tape rotation � redundancy, cold site (off-site) storage - without the media, transportation and logistics.

Either as an addition to a back-up tape rotation program or as a complete solution, electronic storage makes protecting your information easy, efficient and effective.


Planning for the unforeseen is what separates companies that recover from a disaster from those who don't. Fire, flood, theft or other incident causing the loss of vital company information can make it impossible to resume operations. Backing-up is part of it, but there is so much more.

Our experience protecting and storing information has helped us understand what it takes to get a practice or company back on its feet after a disaster. We can assess your systems and create a Business Continuity Plan that will keep you ready to recover from a disaster with your information assets, hardcopy and electronic, intact. We have multi-tiered programs and plans to fit your practice or business so you can rest assured that your vital information and your enterprise will survive.


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