• Secure Record Storage is a subsidiary of AC White Relocations
  • AC White Relocations has been in business since 1926
  • Multiple Locations, Large Fleet - ready to handle multiple moves simultaneously
  • State-of-the-art storage facilities, climate controlled, secure
  • Technology implementation for detailed reporting, and tracking
  • Professionally trained and uniformed crews
  • First class customer service and client support by long term experienced, dedicated employees


The people you work with can make all the difference in your data storage experience and we feel this is where we really separate ourselves from our competition. Our friendly, efficient Customer Service team is comprised of long-term employees who will get to know you and your account. You can ask for them by name to be sure you're speaking with someone who is familiar with an ongoing need, so you don't have to explain yourself multiple times. No impersonal call centers or temp-of-the-week handling your request.

Quick delivery and pick-up - next day or rush 24/7/365 - of your data by our uniformed drivers in clean, secure vans makes exchanging your records smooth and easy. You can be confident that everything is being properly handled.

Our full service line and great facilities are only as good as the people who will work with you, and that is why we are your best choice in data storage. Talk to us and let us show you why.

Our records and digital storage facilities are among the best in the industry. They are meticulously maintained and monitored to assure everything we store is safe and protected from environmental damage or disaster. Access by only authorized personnel keeps your records secure from loss or misuse.

We invite you to visit our facilities and see for yourself how your data will be cared for. Call to speak to a representative to set up a tour.


Secure Record Storage versus Self-Storage or Large National Chains

You have two options for storing your own records; keep them in your office or in a self-storage facility. Neither of these options provides you with the efficiency and security of our records management.

While storing your records in your office provides you with easy access to them, there are many disadvantages. You are using valuable and expensive office space as warehouse space. Your records are accessed, pulled and re-filed and can become difficult to find, or there is the risk of private files being seen by unwanted eyes. Plus they are not as protected and secure from fire or theft.

Moving your records to a self-storage facility saves you office space, but you pay for a certain size of room, whatever percentage of it you use which increases your cost. The rooms are not set up for file storage, and not as secure and protected. You or your employees must fetch and return needed files, wasting time and files are often not put away properly.

We know your name

Storing your records with a large national chain presents a different set of problems. Customer Service suffers because you rarely get to speak to the same person twice, and end up re-explaining what you need several times. Their rules and conditions are complex and cumbersome as they try a one-size-fits-all. Unless you're a huge account, getting attention can be difficult.

Our customer service support personnel are long-term members of our team. They will get to know you and your account and you will get to know them. We're large enough to offer the highest levels of protection, but at a lower cost. As a local company, we have a more vested interest in the success of the businesses.

How To Switch

If you are currently storing your information with another vendor and for some reason or reasons you are not satisfied. Then consider "Secured Record Storage" there is no cost to you, for one of our consultants to visit you and discuss all options to see if we can design an information management program for your company.

We will help you transition from your current records vendor as seamlessly as possible. We will import and error-check your existing database and utilize your current boxes. We don't charge transfer or shelving costs and can offer termination fee reimbursement.

Our goal is to create a smooth transition with no hidden cost, and provide a service that exceeds your expectations.


Our interactive (HIPAA, HiTech compliant) software can be accessed online so our clients can view inventory, place order for pick up or delivery for a box or file. There are many other functions our clients can perform with our user-friendly software.


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